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State of Decay – Virtual Training for the Zombie Apocolypse?

So I’ve noticed that X Box LIVE is always pushing “Zombie Stuff” in my face.  Whether I’m simply trying to play a game, access YouTube, Netflix, or any other app, I can’t get through without being enticed to watch zombie movies or play zombie games.  So this means that Microsoft either:

  1. Doesn’t feel that the American obsession with zombies is going away any time soon
  2. Wants us to be prepared for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Continue reading

Mount Whitney 2010

A couple of years back some friends and I hiked Mt. Whitney.  We almost summitted. Almost summitting is quite a feat when you consider how unprepared we were.  We committed several cardinal cross country hiking sins (before we knew any better):

  • It ended up snowing (in July!) and we were unprepared for this
  • We were under layered (I had a total of 2, and inner layer was cotton)
  • We had no crampons, ice picks, compass, trail map
  • One of our tents was missing pieces
  • We were very hung over

Mount Whitney

OBD2 Reading with your Smart Phone or Tablet

Ever want to read your vehicle’s fault codes and see relevant information without shelling out the bucks for an ODB II diagnostic scanner or  a programmer?    You can do this quite “easily” by combining a Bluetooth enabled OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner with a smart phone or tablet app that can read and display the information (I used Torque Pro with my Android).   For the setup, I used this video as a tutorial.  To be clear, this is more of a fun thing to do for a gadget geek like myself.  It’s not going to do the powerful performance tuning you’ll find from Superchips or Hypertech.  Nevertheless, this will allow you to Continue reading

Turnbull Canyon

As I’ve gotten busier and unable to spend whole days or weekends away in order to get my nature fix, I’ve been looking for trails closer to home.  One of the areas I’ve found that provide  reasonably challenging trails within a short driving distance is an area known as Turnbull Canyon.  This area is maintained by the Puente Hills Native Habitat Preservation Authority and the trails here include Turnbull Canyon Trail,  Rattlesnake Ridge Trail, Workman Ridge Trail and Worsham Canyon Trail.  Don’t expect Mt. Baldy or Mt. Whitney-type challenges, but consider it a great starting point if you’ve never hiked or if you’ve let your hiking shape atrophy thanks to countless lazy weekends filled with copious hours of Call of Duty.

So far I’ve used two different access points.  Coming in from Beverly Blvd Continue reading

Mt Baldy – The Perfect SoCal Getaway

Life in the LA area can get quite hectic–especially for those who do a lot of driving and deal with traffic on a consistent basis.  Fortunately, the LA area is also home to a lot of natural getaways.  Many prefer the beaches but I prefer the mountains–especially Mt. Baldy.  A mere hour from Los Angeles, Mt. Baldy still has that nice SoCal weather (though it certainly gets a little chillier at 6,000 feet and above).

mt baldy at night Continue reading