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Quitbit – A Goal Tracker I Can Get Behind

QuitbitThere are a million and one devices for tracking your life: pedometers to track your footsteps, apps to track your calorie intake, scales to track your weight. They are all geared toward healthier living and I have never found much use for any of them – until today.

A new Kickstarter project debuted this week called Quitbit. It is a smart lighter with all sorts of fancy features designed to track your smoking habits and make quitting easier. I have never been a smoker myself, but most of my family members are chimneys and I would love to see every one of them with this device. Continue reading

Prehistoric Fight

Any male worth his salt is a huge fan of MMA and/or combat sports in general.  He lives it, breathes it.  He even plans to name his children after famous fighters.  However, until someone invents a time machine, we will never be privy to the truly epic battles that occurred during the reign of the dinosaurs.  For now, we will have to settle for  hypothetical CGI recreations like the one below, which features a bloody battle between a T-Rex (generally assumed to be the top apex predator if its day and ecosystem) and a Therizinosaurus.

What do you think?  Is this how such an encounter would unfolded?  Or would they have found a more diplomatic solution to their disagreement?


Riding in the Urban Wilderness!

Mountain biking in Long Beach look s a lot like street biking but with a twist: you’re on a mtb [“jeez, urban guy, stating the obvious, aren’t we…”]

Kona Isabella

This is me after a hard ride around my hood.  Me and Kona Isabella, we’ve been thru many an adventure on the hills of SoCal.  She’s a trooper.  On my freetime, I’m scoping out riding tips on the web (, for example), these folks seem to be always ready with helpful riding tips for the mtb enthusiast.  Gonna check out their new gear section, too. Currently, I’m in the market for a storage solution for my small tire pump and water source.

Battlefield 3: The Jeep C4 Attack

Interactive environment: it’s one of the biggest  reasons I prefer the Battlefield series to the Call of Duty franchise.  You can actually destroy buildings your opponents are hiding in (or blow a hole in a wall and enter through it, instead of walking through the door as they are expecting you to do).  Plus: it’s just more dramatic that way.  Why walk through the front door?  You do that in real life every day.  On Battlefield, you make your own front door.. with an RPG.

One of the more creative things you can do in Battlefield 3 is strap C4 onto a vehicle and ram it into an opponent (or even a team mate if you prefer being that annoying player).  Jeeps are probably the most popular vehicle for this job.  Simply strap on some C4 to your Jeep and drive it into an opposing tank.  However, remember to partially encircle and flank the tank so as to take it by surprise, because driving straight for the tank isn’t a great idea.  This video does a pretty good job of explaining how to  “Jihad a Jeep” (as hardcore gamers refer to it).

Continue reading

Shooting Stances: Weaver vs. Isosceles

The debate between the Weaver and Isosceles stances of shooting is as old as time itself–or at least as old as a few decades.  You’l find opponents and detractors of both styles (with the claim that the other style is fine for a shooting range but not practical for actual combat).  But here is an unbiased explanation of both.

Not a Weaver Stance

On a lighter note, these stances are not specific to “guns.”  These stances are also used by police officers when using other, less lethal projectiles like tasers.  However, contrary to Meet the Fockers, this is not really a Weaver Stance (at 1 minute and 40 seconds).


How to Drive Like a Gentleman

gentlemanOnce behind the wheel some bad behaviors sometimes surface due to the anonymity we feel when in the driver’s seat. The driver’s seat gives us a sense of being “king of the road,” and the protection provided by our vehicle gives us a license to behave in ways we would feel ashamed of in more public gatherings.

From time to time we could all use a refresher on driving etiquette. Driving like a gentleman not only makes driving less hazardous to all. Some of the auto etiquette mentioned in this post is already backed by laws, which are often forgotten. Others my technically be supported by laws but make other drivers confused and/or irritated.


Do not drive slow in the #1 lane. This is the furthest left lane that is not the HOV/carpool lane. Driving slow in this lane is actually against the law in several states. The #1 lane is for passing. Slower traffic should always stay to the right. Those who drive slow in the #1 lane force other drivers to then use the lanes to the right to pass.

If you are behind someone in the #1 lane that won’t move over, don’t tailgate them expecting them to either speed up or change lanes. Another no-no: flashing your headlights at them instead (at least not in California, where this is in fact illegal–the DMV website has some general guidelines for passingl). If you are the one driving 60 mph in the #1 lane change lanes as soon as you see someone approaching you at a higher speed. Continue reading

Tips for that Long Drive

Tips for preparing for a long drive:

First off you should get a good night’s sleep so you are up for the drive. Definitely don’t go out early in the morning after a night of partying and drinking. And, of course, never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs including over the counter and prescription medicine. If you are sick or tired it is probably best you just stay home. There will always be another day for you to have fun in the sun on the trails and rocks.


If you are ready for the drive let’s make sure your ride is too. There are several things you should check before heading out for the ride:

–          Front and rear tire pressures, check your spare tire too

–          Proper torque settings on all lug nuts Continue reading

No, No Mods California

Want to modify and upgrade your ride to get noticed on the streets and increase horsepower while at the same time not get the unwanted attention from LEOs? The following is an informational list you will probably not want to do if you live in sunny California. If your stereo can be heard from 50 ft, that’s a no no. Other modifications noticeable at distance are lacking front and rear license plates, having blue or yellow headlights, or headlights that are of higher wattage than the OEM headlights. If you’re so cool you drive with just your parking lights on, expect to get some one on one time with Joe or Jane Cop. Surely if you’ve added flashy decorative lights you’re begging to get pulled over or beat up. Your front turn signals must be white or yellow and the rear turn signals must be red or yellow. If you want add lights to your windshield nozzles, the lights better be cute shades of white or yellow ;). Adding lights to your tire’s valve stems might look cool at speed but another ticket on the fridge won’t (or maybe it will). Want to add lights around your rear license plate? That’s okay as long as the lights are red. And, the rear of your ride needs to have rear red reflectors. Continue reading