Who likes beef jerky?

Obviously, you do cuz you clicked on the link, right?  Well, I like beef jerky.  I don’t like how it gets stuck between molars after I’ve enjoyed a great feasting of teriyaki jerky, hot and spicy jerky, or original flavor jerky.  I need to floss those chunks out afterwards, but it’s a tiny price to pay for the glory of chowing down on beef jerky.

Ah, the robust, mesquite flavor, the sinewy texture, the savory sweetness: beef jerky can possibly be the perfect food ever invented.

Sure, you can check out popular jerky review sources such as and get comprehensive comments on a variety of beef jerky products.  After deciding on what you wanna try, you can visit your local store (which probably won’t carry many or any of the brands you’re searching for), or you can find them online.

My beef jerky quest experiences have been very insightful.  You can glean some useful tips from here in your own personal journey to attain beef jerky deliciousness.

First order of business is establishing that: hey, searching for beef jerky’s not looking for a pair of shoes, an insurance policy for your auto, or choosing a restaurant for your first date.

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