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Prehistoric Fight

Any male worth his salt is a huge fan of MMA and/or combat sports in general.  He lives it, breathes it.  He even plans to name his children after famous fighters.  However, until someone invents a time machine, we will never be privy to the truly epic battles that occurred during the reign of the dinosaurs.  For now, we will have to settle for  hypothetical CGI recreations like the one below, which features a bloody battle between a T-Rex (generally assumed to be the top apex predator if its day and ecosystem) and a Therizinosaurus.

What do you think?  Is this how such an encounter would unfolded?  Or would they have found a more diplomatic solution to their disagreement?


Hotspots: Where to Hit A Person And Rock His World (even if it’s a big dude)

Here are some hotspots you can strike using your knuckles (after making a fist) or another hard object, like your smartphone.  No matter how shredded your opponent is, or how skilled, hitting any of these relatively easy-to-access targets is sure to ruin his day.

: In fact, any blunt force trauma to the side of the head, including the ear area disorients your opponent at the very least – can be fatal if the damage is severe enough.  There isn’t much protection on this part of the skull, and the ear?  Well, smashing your fist into someone’s ear is the equivalent to dropping a car on a piano.  It’ll jack. him. up. Continue reading

The World’s Most Complete Fighter

In Undisputed 3, Boyka sternly proclaims himself ‘the world’s most complete fighter’.  A big claim, yes, however, watching the fight scenes in this overlooked movie will lead the viewer to concede: “man! this dude just may be the world’s most complete fighter.”

I say “overlooked” only because when you click on the IMDB above link, the main image is a blueray cover.  That, and the fact that nearly no one’s heard of the movie.  It’s puzzling why Undisputed 3 hasn’t generated a more interest: the storyline’s uncomplicated, the fight scenes – nothing short of spectacular, and the characters Continue reading