Hotspots: Where to Hit A Person And Rock His World (even if it’s a big dude)

Here are some hotspots you can strike using your knuckles (after making a fist) or another hard object, like your smartphone.  No matter how shredded your opponent is, or how skilled, hitting any of these relatively easy-to-access targets is sure to ruin his day.

: In fact, any blunt force trauma to the side of the head, including the ear area disorients your opponent at the very least – can be fatal if the damage is severe enough.  There isn’t much protection on this part of the skull, and the ear?  Well, smashing your fist into someone’s ear is the equivalent to dropping a car on a piano.  It’ll jack. him. up.



Nose: Everyone knows the clock-stopping, eyes-watering sensation of something crashing into one’s nose.  It puts a pause on whatever it was you were doing (paying bills, watching Undisputed 3, having a conversation, doing laundry) and puts only one thought in your brain: “what the [enter expletive] was that??!?”  Kind of like that split second right before you sneeze.


There are other hotspots that would wreck someone, but these two are your best bet.  Sure you got pain centers, like the groin or the nerve bundle in the shoulder, but who has time to go after obscure hard to reach targets like that?  Just smack ’em in the ear and be done with it.  Of course, these fighting tips should be used in self-defense.  If you go around smacking people in the ear for fun or to steal their money, then it’s you who deserve a good smackdown on your ears.  So use these tips for good, not for ill.  It’s the holiday season, after all. some good educational information on human physiology – to learn more, check it out.  Merry Christmas, all.


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