Riding in the Urban Wilderness!

Mountain biking in Long Beach look s a lot like street biking but with a twist: you’re on a mtb [“jeez, urban guy, stating the obvious, aren’t we…”]

Kona Isabella

This is me after a hard ride around my hood.  Me and Kona Isabella, we’ve been thru many an adventure on the hills of SoCal.  She’s a trooper.  On my freetime, I’m scoping out riding tips on the web (http://blogs.bicycling.com/blogs/thefarride/2013/08/22/three-essential-trail-riding-tips, for example), these folks seem to be always ready with helpful riding tips for the mtb enthusiast.  Gonna check out their new gear section, too. Currently, I’m in the market for a storage solution for my small tire pump and water source.

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