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How to Drive Like a Gentleman

gentlemanOnce behind the wheel some bad behaviors sometimes surface due to the anonymity we feel when in the driver’s seat. The driver’s seat gives us a sense of being “king of the road,” and the protection provided by our vehicle gives us a license to behave in ways we would feel ashamed of in more public gatherings.

From time to time we could all use a refresher on driving etiquette. Driving like a gentleman not only makes driving less hazardous to all. Some of the auto etiquette mentioned in this post is already backed by laws, which are often forgotten. Others my technically be supported by laws but make other drivers confused and/or irritated.


Do not drive slow in the #1 lane. This is the furthest left lane that is not the HOV/carpool lane. Driving slow in this lane is actually against the law in several states. The #1 lane is for passing. Slower traffic should always stay to the right. Those who drive slow in the #1 lane force other drivers to then use the lanes to the right to pass.

If you are behind someone in the #1 lane that won’t move over, don’t tailgate them expecting them to either speed up or change lanes. Another no-no: flashing your headlights at them instead (at least not in California, where this is in fact illegal–the DMV website has some general guidelines for passingl). If you are the one driving 60 mph in the #1 lane change lanes as soon as you see someone approaching you at a higher speed. Continue reading