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No, No Mods California

Want to modify and upgrade your ride to get noticed on the streets and increase horsepower while at the same time not get the unwanted attention from LEOs? The following is an informational list you will probably not want to do if you live in sunny California. If your stereo can be heard from 50 ft, that’s a no no. Other modifications noticeable at distance are lacking front and rear license plates, having blue or yellow headlights, or headlights that are of higher wattage than the OEM headlights. If you’re so cool you drive with just your parking lights on, expect to get some one on one time with Joe or Jane Cop. Surely if you’ve added flashy decorative lights you’re begging to get pulled over or beat up. Your front turn signals must be white or yellow and the rear turn signals must be red or yellow. If you want add lights to your windshield nozzles, the lights better be cute shades of white or yellow ;). Adding lights to your tire’s valve stems might look cool at speed but another ticket on the fridge won’t (or maybe it will). Want to add lights around your rear license plate? That’s okay as long as the lights are red. And, the rear of your ride needs to have rear red reflectors. Continue reading