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Battlefield 3: The Jeep C4 Attack

Interactive environment: it’s one of the biggest  reasons I prefer the Battlefield series to the Call of Duty franchise.  You can actually destroy buildings your opponents are hiding in (or blow a hole in a wall and enter through it, instead of walking through the door as they are expecting you to do).  Plus: it’s just more dramatic that way.  Why walk through the front door?  You do that in real life every day.  On Battlefield, you make your own front door.. with an RPG.

One of the more creative things you can do in Battlefield 3 is strap C4 onto a vehicle and ram it into an opponent (or even a team mate if you prefer being that annoying player).  Jeeps are probably the most popular vehicle for this job.  Simply strap on some C4 to your Jeep and drive it into an opposing tank.  However, remember to partially encircle and flank the tank so as to take it by surprise, because driving straight for the tank isn’t a great idea.  This video does a pretty good job of explaining how to  “Jihad a Jeep” (as hardcore gamers refer to it).

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