Calling All Android Users

Android’s fantastic.  Intuitive UI, customizable, good looking – if only people were like that, right?  The closest I can think of is Zoolander but I don’t know how intuitive or good looking Derek Zoolander really is, in any case:

It’s a love / not-so-much-love thing with Android.  Love – cuz of all the great above-mentioned things and more about this smartphone and tablet operating system.  Not-so-much – cuz they roll out OS upgrades but do so slowly and without any discernible pattern.  I’m all about life, liberty, and free-Android-OS-upgrades for all.  What’s the deal with some devices getting ICS and Jellybean while some don’t?

Wanna know the details on Jellybean’s features and watch your angst rise that your phone doesn’t have Android 4.1 Jellybean yet?

Ok, check out http://blogs.computerworld.com/mobile-and-wireless/20661/android-41-jelly-bean  This link goes in-depth about the OS and is sure to increase the frequency of instances you ask yourself today: “hey, when is my phone getting  Jellybean??”

And then there are those users still waiting for ICS.  What the hell.  Not gonna go into that right now, it’s such an unfortunate state of affairs.



Still, in the large scheme of things, having Android in itself is a great thing.  It’s one outlet to liberate tech users from the tyrannical and insidious grip of Apple’s almighty iPhone.  Let’s face it:  Apple makes great computers – but the iPhone? c’mon: iPhones are about as exciting as English muffins.

Thanks for reading, see you next time.


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