Quitbit – A Goal Tracker I Can Get Behind

QuitbitThere are a million and one devices for tracking your life: pedometers to track your footsteps, apps to track your calorie intake, scales to track your weight. They are all geared toward healthier living and I have never found much use for any of them – until today.

A new Kickstarter project debuted this week called Quitbit. It is a smart lighter with all sorts of fancy features designed to track your smoking habits and make quitting easier. I have never been a smoker myself, but most of my family members are chimneys and I would love to see every one of them with this device.

Quitbit (2)Quitbit is completely electrical and the charge is supposed to last a full week between plug-ins. It uses an electric coil (like the one in your car) to light your cigarettes and tracks not only how many times you’ve lit up in a day, but how long it’s been since your last fix.

The lighter can work on its own but also has a companion smart phone app for both Apple and Android devices which allows you to set limits on how many times the lighter will work in a day or how frequently it will turn on. Set it to only allow you to have a smoke every two hours and the lighter won’t heat up for you until it’s been two hours since your last cigarette.

The developers really thought both the device and the app through to maximize usefulness. Quitbit puts the perfect tools at your disposal to make it easier to cut back or quit, like:

  • The option to share your progress on social media and/or with the Quitbit community
  • A tracker for how much money you have saved by cutting back
  • Features to help the Quitbit determine when you’re using it vs. when you’re sharing with a friend or relighting your cigarette
  • Complete customizability and user control

Notably, like any other tracker, the Quitbit will only work for those who want to quit smoking or cut back. It cannot stop you from cheating with another lighter or changing your cigarette count using the app, but it can be a useful tool.

Smoking is such a known bad habit today that it is difficult for smokers to find any real help in quitting. Either their friends smoke, which makes it difficult to turn to them for support, or they don’t smoke, which means they don’t understand how hard it is to quit. Quitbit puts the control into your hands and connects you with a true support system of others who are going through the same cruddy process you are.

Of course, Quitbit is still in its beginnings, which means there is no guarantee the product will be a success. From the looks of it, however, it is going to do very well: in two days the company is 40% of the way to their pledged goal of $50,000.

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