State of Decay – Virtual Training for the Zombie Apocolypse?

So I’ve noticed that X Box LIVE is always pushing “Zombie Stuff” in my face.  Whether I’m simply trying to play a game, access YouTube, Netflix, or any other app, I can’t get through without being enticed to watch zombie movies or play zombie games.  So this means that Microsoft either:

  1. Doesn’t feel that the American obsession with zombies is going away any time soon
  2. Wants us to be prepared for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

While I consider the two equally plausible, what matter is that they recently rolled out a new game called State of Decay, which so far has garnered some positive reviews.  I downloaded the game and enjoyed the hour or so I’ve been able to put it into it.  It has a very MMO feel to it, though multi-player isn’t (yet) an option.  Not all gamers are familiar with MMO so if you’re someone that has only casually gamed, think of Grand Theft Auto, but with zombies.

On a side-note: According to the game, the main  character is holding a 2×4.  But this “2×4” looks suspiciously like a macuahuitl, but without the obsidian teeth.

State of Decay - Zombie Training


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